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Thai Lotus Spa

In the very heart of Riga, there is a unique place, a true abode of relaxation, where you can settle your mind, inhale the spirit of harmony and dissolve in the delightful aromas of the East. A place full of hearty warmth and comfort. You will be greeted cordially by the traditional Wai gesture, a bow, with the palms pressed together in a prayer-like fashion; this greeting is used to wish you good health and goodness, and is also a sign of respect.
Our offer includes a variety of rituals and body care treatments, all performed by certified ethnic Thai experts.

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They will consider your preferences carefully, fill you with their energy, their emotional warmth, and select the most appropriate set of services to help you lighten your psychological and emotional load, toning your body up in the meantime.
Our salon is perfectly harmonised – ambient ethnic interiors, enchanting music, relaxing fragrances of the East, the tea ceremony, and even the price list.
Welcome to Thai Lotus Spa – the world of wellness, harmony of the body and soul, the sanctuary of complete relaxation.
A visit to our salon is a fascinating trip to Thailand without leaving Riga.

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Thai Lotus Spa